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What's included - Benefits

One of the most important aspects of physical therapy in sports injury rehabilitation that we place special emphasis on is focusing on exercises that help strengthen the injured area and prevent future injuries. This may include strengthening exercises to improve flexibility, balance and proprioception (awareness ​​of body position and movement). These exercises  help improve the overall strength and stability of the injured area, which can reduce the risk of re-injury.

Physical therapy and sports rehabilitation are two closely related terms concerned with improving health & of fitness and our specialist musculoskeletal physiotherapists will work with you to provide you with a thorough rehabilitation program which will encourage a range of benefits including:

  • Restore full functionality as soon as possible

  • Faster recovery and return to sports

  • Strengthening of weakened muscle groups

  • Education on proper body mechanics, injury prevention and self-care techniques.

  • Reduction of pain and inflammation

  • Guidelines to minimize the risk of future injuries

  • Maintaining cardiovascular fitness while away from sports

  • Improving overall operation and performance

  • Developing coping strategies, such as stress management, so you can manage the emotional and mental challenges that can come with the injury.

  • Advice on proper footwear and special equipment

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